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Patient Testimonials

  • Mrs Carole strachan Scotland

    I lost all my teeth early and have been struggling with removable dentures for many years. I have done extensive research on the internet and looked at dentists of many countries for my full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Most of the dentists denied treating my dental problem because of poor bone quality. However, few dentists agreed for consulting and asked me to travel to their centre for a consultation as they were not sure of the treatment plan.

    Later I had contacted Dr Reddy, and he was the only person who was pretty sure about the treatment plan. He clarified all queries like the number of implants, the cost factor, the time it takes. I even contacted a few clients treated by Dr Reddy, who got similar treatment, and they were delighted with the way he treated, then I decided to travel all the way to Hyderabad in India. But flying to another country seemed scary, and I was also bothered about my personal safety, but Dr Reddy assured me about the safety and taken good care of me. They even arranged accommodation in Hyderabad.

    The centre’s staff received me at the airport and took me to the hotel. Later they took me for checkups like CT scan, and preoperative consultation was done, and operation was scheduled for the next day.

    Full mouth reconstruction took a few hours which was not an easy thing, but Dr. Reddy’s way of behaviour made it quite comfortable. Finally, my full mouth dental rehabilitation was successful, and it is a life-changing experience. Dr Reddy is really an exceptionally skilled dental surgeon, very kind and a gentle person; the staff at the clinic are very obedient. At last, I am going back with a new smile which l longed for, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Reddy and his team for any kind of dental problems.

  • Aurel Salagean PORTLAND, USA

    Having researched the internet for the best Dental Implant Surgeon and Prices I have decided to come here to the city of Hyderabad to Dr. K. A. Reddy at LBR DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER. For several years prior I was familiar with dental implants procedures and prices in MEXICO COSTARICH, ROMANIA, HUNGARY and some other places that offer dental implants. Out of all, I have concluded that 3-day dental implants at LBR are the best option and cost-effective as well. Dr. K A REDDY has established a good name and reputation with a foreign traveller.

    I was ready to fly to Mexico for the implants because it is close to home. Having already booked my flight and hotel I have cancelled my trip to Mexico and came to India because I did not find any other country offering 3-day dental implants. I was very much impressed with the technical confidence of DR. Reddy and within 3 days implantation was done successfully.
    I want to thank Dr. Reddy for a great job and he is a generous man. He is an action man as does the job with great interest and detail. Dr. Reddy is a man of integrity and professionalism with a Clean Cabinet, and he is very Detail Oriented. I am very happy with the work he did and I encourage others and my friends to come to him.

  • Ronald Good USA

    A little history first, my wife was fitted with upper denture she never got used to them so she was unhappy, went to different dentists with pan x-rays received quote for 4 tooth bridge on 2 implants with 1 extraction for 10000 US dollars and 8 upper implants with fixed bridge for $ 32000 needless to say we went to another dentist, he quoted 8600 dollars and would not do upper implants for lack of bone. After hours and hours of research online we decided basal implants were the best option for success after more time on internet, sent new pan x-rays to 3 clinics in India out of three DR.K.A.Reddy called me on the next day and emailed me the details and quoted 6500 to 7100 dollars depending on the number of implants that could be placed on the basis of CT scan done in India.The other 2 clinics finally got back to me via email but with no firm total cost.i was very apprehensive about going outside of USA for treatment, friends and family did not help with this decision .DR.K.A.Reddy’s questions regarding my wife’s health, any medication she might be on,eased some of my anxiety. so we are in Hyderabad India. Arrived Friday night. DR.REDDY had arranged a transport from air port to hotel and no charge to us.we were met at the hotel by DR.K.A.Reddy n his wife along with a dozen roses for my wife this put my wife at ease .DR.Mrs.REDDY took us for a CT scan morning she wanted to know if we need any thing else before taking us back to the hotel. We stopped for a 6 pack for me which she ended up paying for because i had not exchanged any money to rupees yet. We were picked up from the hotel for all the procedures and tourist related trips. Implants were placed on sunday morning,trial settings were done on Monday and Tuesday and final permanent zirconium bridges were cemented on Wednesday, Dr and Mrs Reddy our hosts did not want our trip to be just for dental work. On Tuesday evening Dr Mrs.Reddy took us to see Buddha statue by boat, since my wife likes Big Macs, DR.Reddy took us to Mac Donald’s after the final treatment on Wednesday and ended up with spicy double chicken burger. Thursday morning we went with Dr and Mrs. Reddy on a daily walk. We had fresh coconut juice and Indian break fast. Today Friday taking us to a final check up and taking us to Golconda fort and shilparamam a craft village. Sunday will be busy, DR. Reddys day off, they have planned for us to have lunch at their home and trip to Charminar and chowmohalla palace and dinner at paradise restaurant as our hosts, their goal for our trip has been not only for our safety but our enjoying the experience in India. They have become our friends here.

  • A.Dusoye Mauritius

    I was told by my regular dentist at Mauritius that the bridge holding my two missing front teeth would no longer stand as the other two supporting teeth have also given up.My dentist did not recommend me opting for Implants as my oral bone situation is not favorable, thus i was left with no other alternative than to cater for a partial set of denture in my upper jaw.I gave it a try but it was a total nightmare.The denture set would always slip while talking, eating, coughing and sneezing.My self confidence was totally wrecked and i was destroyed within myself.Then i started spending hours together searching on internet for any possible medical solution which could relieve me from this situation.I did come across numerous websites about dental Implants but one particularly struck me straight away. it was Lbr dental and implant center headed by DR.K.A.Reddy.The feed back posted by the various satisfied patients who visited Dr. Reddy, seemed genuine and plausible which in turn gave me a glimmer of hope.The next day, I filled in the enquiry form on the website of LBR Dental and Implant center and without delay Dr. Reddy personally responded over to me through a whats app call.After explaining my situation, DR.Reddy assured me that regardless of the issue of oral bone deficiency,i would be provided with implanted teeth within 3 days.

    I was very impressed with the technical confidence of DR. Reddy and on the spot i decided to proceed to India.

    After reaching Hyderabad on 28 th of december 2018,I was sent for a Ct Scan of my mouth to asses the oral bone condition. In the evening, i met DR. Reddy for the first time and after examination of the results of the CT Scan and physical check up of my mouth, I came to know that my situation was some what more complicated than initially thought,for the following reasons.

    1) My upper teeth poor quality( most of them not firm or with fillings)

    2) absence of bone in the cortical areas of my mouth.

    3) i had 3 teeth in my lower jaw infected by an abscess, wherein pus was on the brink of oozing out.

    I was gutted and morally down but again DR. Reddy reassured me to trust him as he already in mind how he will go about in my case.After discussion i resolved to have the whole upper jaw reconstructed and to sort out the 3 other teeth in the lower one.

    The treatment started on 31st december and due to complicated nature of my case the surgery lasted for 8 to 9 hours. During all these hours i was in a good position to affirm that DR. Reddy is a fabulous dentist and i could feel his” never say die” attitude, displaying great professionalism and extreme dedication. I have a gut feeling that he always strives for perfection and leaves no stone un turned to provide a first class treatment, without overstating,DR.Reddy was very astute and made good use of his dental ingeniousness to make things happen for me.

    If today iam fitted with the Implanted teeth with my whole upper jaw reconstructed successfully, it is all due to the fact that DR. Reddy far from the conventional implantologist is someone who can best be described by the saying” To dare is to do”. His out of box thinking helped me regain my confidence back.

    I seize this oppurtunity to thank everyone wholeheartedly, namely DR. K. A. Reddy, his wife,DR.K.S.Reddy, their assistants, donald, laxmi, karthik, who as a team have done a fantastic job.Keep it up Guys and God bless u all.

  • Chris Ellis New Zealand

    My name is Chris Ellis, this is my story on how I came to have perfect teeth.

    I had researched implants for a long time, initially the cost in my country of New Zealand is extremely expensive and there was no way I could afford to have the work I needed done there. I looked a lot at the All on 4 and All on 6 implant systems, however after reading up on people that had this done, they talked about having to return after 6 months to allow the implants to set in place before they would fit the final fixtures. My research also showed that these implants were only in 4 places top and bottom jaw. It occurred to me then that it was illogical to have such a low number of implants due to the forces of eating and more so in the upper jaw where there is not a lot of bone. As I researched more, I discovered that these systems had a very high failure rate if the implants didn’t imbed properly during the 6 month period.

    This wasn’t my idea of implants and permanent bridges, so I kept looking and researching. One day I came across Dr Reddy in Hyderabad, India. I looked at his work and it just made a lot more sense using 10 implants in the upper jaw and 8 in the lower jaw!

    I contacted Dr Reddy, via the internet and started asking about the procedure and cost, within a day, he responded with two pricing options, details on hotels, E-Visa links and connected to me on Facebook and WhatsApp. I was so impressed at his organisation and the number of clients from all over the world he had dealt with.

    I raised the money and booked my ticket to India, I now had a date and time set. I arrived on Thursday the 22nd of Dec 2018, I was met by his driver Karthik, a really nice guy, who was tasked with driving me back and forwards from the airport, hotel and clinic. I must say that driving in India is not for the faint hearted and the words “natural chaos” comes to mind, but Karthik is very experienced and I came to appreciate has driving skills.

    I checked into the hotel on my first night as I arrived late, in the morning I was picked up and taken to have a CT scan done. Once we had the information from the scan, I met with Dr Reddy and he discussed what I wanted and the CT scan results. After that we started at 2pm that very same day and I went straight into the procedure. First, I had to have all of my remaining teeth extracted, I will say that this part was painful and Dr Reddy did his best to make it as painless as possible, but I needed to remain conscious through this procedure so I was not put under. As the extraction of the teeth was happening, Dr Reddy would insert the implant into the bone in order to secure it properly. I was lucky to have dense bone, so my implants were strongly anchored into place. The total time was 6 hours from start to finish and I was exhausted by the end of it, I was given medication and instructions on when and what to take, Karthik, drove me to the hotel which is nice and close to the clinic and I recovered over the weekend.

    Monday came and we started on the setting up of the permanent bridges both top and bottom, Dr Reddy prepared the implants and had the base bridges made over the weekend so we did the initial fit off. The top base bridge fitted really well, there was no movement in it what’s so ever. The bottom however needed to be redone as there was too much movement for Dr Reddy and he wasn’t happy. I could tell his experience with these implants and procedure was huge and he sent the bottom bridge back to the lab to be redone. I chose my tooth colour that day.

    On Tuesday, we received them back and I returned to have a second fitting, this time the bottom fit was much better, however Dr Reddy could still feel a slight movement in one small area, he decided to cut the bottom bridge in two, he then refitted them both separately and they locked in perfectly, he then remoulded them together and they were sent back to the lab to be joined.

    Wednesday came and we did another fit off, this time things were much better and Dr Reddy was very happy with the final results of the bottom bridge, they were once again sent off to the lab to be finalised, coloured and hardened. Dr Reddy cemented the top bridge into place, so I had the top set in and I was given a mouth guard to protect the ceramics from the bottom implants.

    Thursday was the final fitting of the bottom bridge, it was put in place and cemented. The last two days was about an hour long and that was it. Dr Reddy was extremely happy with the whole procedure and being a perfectionist, I totally trusted in his happiness.

    I now have a great smile that I have to get use to seeing in the mirror and all thanks to this wonderful man and his awesome team, I have friends in New Zealand who are waiting to see my results and I can guarantee you that they too will be travelling to visit Dr Reddy!!

    Seven days and now I can eat without pain, smile without feeling conscious and laugh without people looking into my mouth seeing broken teeth everywhere! … If you are looking for that perfect smile and free of pain, then this is the cheapest and best option in the world.

    Thank you, Dr Reddy for my smile!! Kind Regards

    Chris Ellis – 22/12/2018

  • Lance Australia

    Hi my name is lance i,m from Sydney Australia, I got a full mouth reconstruction with implants done at lbr dental implant center Hyderabad India

    i researched a lot of different dental places and decided with dr Reddys lbr dental he had very good references, i had missing teeth very brittle teeth and was sick of fake smiling not showing teeth, now i smile all the time with big mouth full of white teeth thanks to dr Reddy and his very polite team i wish to thank them all for there professional method of work .

    My son and i was picked up from the airport by there friendly driver waiting for us at arrival.

    He was a nice guy helped us with bags , sorting of hotel , but it was hard for him to understand my Australian accent, thanks for driving us around mate.

    The procedure was explained in full by Dr Reddy who was very friendly and professional , got procedure done within couple days it went well not to much discomfort , all was explained during procedure all pain relief antibiotics medication was provided

    My son also got four root canals and four crowns fitted at a very good price.

    Dr Reddys driver took me and my son on a tour of Hyderabad for a day seen lovely temples ,

    I even requested to get driven in Dr Reddys nice Audi and he obliged and took my son and i out and bought us lunch , he was driving very fast he is a Indian James Bond on those roads , which are not for the faint hearted to drive on thanks Dr Reddy,Hyderabad is a nice city people are friendly and very safe to walk around my son and i seen a lot of Hyderabad while we were here the food is very cheap although spicy can get some getting used to but nice tasting.

    Its a culture shock here in the nicest way . Great for shopping cheap clothes.

    I would like to thank very much Dr Reddy and his Wife and team for all there help during procedure and would recommend getting work done here.

  • Vyes Diwry CANADA

    Hello, My name is Vyes Diwry, Iam a Canadian citizen, I came here to lbr implant center as I was facing problems with my teeth for quite sometime, my mouth was collapsed, teeth worn out and discoloured. I got full mouth rehabilitation done with solid zirconia along with few Root canals, Dr.Reddy also performed a complicated Surgery to remove infection which was just nxt to the nerve. He has done a very nice job,gave me a smile I desired, Iam happy with the treatment I received.the team was also kind and helpful, I would recommend Lbr dental to anyone who needs dental treatment.

  • Harrison Gaiger United Kingdom

    Due to negligence I was missing a few grinding teeth and most of the remaining teeth were also in a bad shape and my mouth was in need of a complete makeover since long, eventually I decided it was time to get a permanent fixed solution, so I approached quite a few dentists in India, finally I decided to go to Dr. Reddy as they gave me a very clear and detailed treatment plan with costs, so I had a complete clarity before I could embark on my journey to india.

    They arranged for the airport transfers and also the CT scan the nxt day and later I met Dr.Reddy and he after going through the scan reports, explained me the treatment plan in detail and arranged for the procedure the very next day.

    I got 8 implants placed, the treatment was very low key, Dr.Reddy was knowledgeable, gentle and detail oriented. He was great at communicating and explained every step of the process. My experience was better than I expected and the results are amazing.Thanks to Dr. Reddy’s skill, I can look forward to with confidence to a trouble free future.

  • Bruce. M Australia

    I flew in from Australia,having suffered from a painful infection needing treatment at this very early age. The DR. Reddy at Lbr is very knowledgeable, he came up with a treatment plan that benefited me greatly, he is very accommodating and caring who excels in reassuring their patients and provides excellent service.Staff is very professional as,I had to only book my flight tickets, the rest of the things like airport transfers, hotel reservation, local transfers including the local sight seeing were taken care of,by the staff. A personal thankyou from myself for dealing with my problem efficiently. I recommend this office to anyone who needs a dental treatment.

  • Dat Hoang Australia

    My name is Dat Hoang, from Sydney Australia. In my teen, I’ve lost a tooth due to an accident, resulting extensive bone lost over 40 years. In addition, the combination of smoking and poor oral care, I developed advanced periodontitis and other teeth are on their way out. Recently, one of the teeth next to that lost tooth also broke. My dentist in Australia made me a denture to cover the lost teeth. I hate it. I couldn’t eat properly and it’s affecting my health and well being.

    I started researching on implants and went to a few specialists in Sydney. All of them recommended ‘All on 4/6’. I enquired on the procedure and cost with specialists in Australia, Thailand and Vietnam. At the minimum, it would have costed me at least $40,000, plus a minimum of 6 months for bone grafting, healing and implants.

    Then I tumble across basal implant which meet my personal requirements of functional, aesthetic and time. I have options of having the procedure done in Europe or India. As India is closer to me, I proceed to investigate basal implant in India.

    I contacted quite a few specialists in India (Delhi, Chennai & Hyderabad), sending them my CT scan, stating my requirements. They all came back with very similar responses. Dr. K. A. Reddy was the only one who took his time to ask further questions to clarify my needs and expectations. He also provided me with a very attractive & detailed quotation. He also addressed all of my concerns and responded to all of my questions thoroughly.

    I made decision to have full mouth rehab with Dr. K. A. Reddy. I flew in on September 23. Got picked up at the airport by Karthik and dropped off at the hotel. The next day, we started the procedure and the whole thing went with little issues. Dr. Reddy explained every step carefully and provided all required mediation (antibiotics, pain killers, etc…). The actual implantation was like nothing. I could see and feel when the implants were place but it was virtually no pain at all.

    Dr. K. A. Reddy also corrected my overbite situation. After 4 days, I have my new set of permanent zirconia ceramic teeth, new smile and never been happier.

    Dr. K. A. Reddy also have Karthik took me sight seeing around Hyderabad a whole day before I flew back to Sydney.

    Thank you Dr. K. A. Reddy & team for a wonderful experience, amazing result. In a nicest possible way, I hope I don’t have to see you again

  • Rehman Ali USA

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Rahman Alli and I embarked on my journey from my home in Miami Florida USA on August 29 th , 2018 and arrived in Hyderabad August 31 st , 2018. With the excellent co ordination work of Dr. S. Reddy. I was enthusiastic about my trip. Dr. K.S. Reddy answered all my questions, provided commonsense solutions, quoted me pricing and provided all the necessary information that I needed. I will state for the record that whatever I was quoted in the several emails never changed or was not altered at the conclusion of my treatment and most importantly the pricing. What I was quoted upfront in pricing is the price that I paid.

    My goal for the visit was to address the deficiency of my existing teeth and have a full mouth restoration/rehabilitation of both the upper and lower arches. I choose the permanent teeth solution with the zirconia bridges. I was told that this was possible given the panoramic x ray that I had previously submitted. With that said I was good to go.

    On my arrival at the LBR Dental & Implant Center I met Dr. K.A. Reddy for the first time my surgeon for this procedure. We discussed the treatment plan, the procedure, expectations and the timeline for the surgery etc. it was very apparent to me on that first meeting of the pragmatic approach of Dr. K. A.Reddy which I greatly admired because it showed overwhelmingly his consideration for me the patient and my care. His approach was a very calming influence and just like Dr.K. S. Reddy before Dr. K. Reddy Satisfied any concerns that I had and I felt very comfortable and relaxed eager to get things going.

    The surgery took place the day after my arrival. My mouth was divided into four quadrants and the appropriate amount of local anesthesia was applied to the particular quadrant being worked on. The lower arch is where the work began. Teeth were removed and implants were placed and to be totally honest I felt no pain. Once completed the procedure moved to the upper arch and I will confess that I felt a mild pain on the front of my mouth due the infection that existed In the area but was very tolerable. Again same thing teeth removed and implants placed. It was very refreshing to me the patient that Dr.

    K. Reddy spoke to me constantly advising me of what he was doing and any modifications that he was making for my particular case. I appreciated very much this interaction because it showed the wonderful bedside manner of the doctor where the first consideration is the patients welfare. The remaining days consisted of taking models for the prosthetic. Once the bridges were made we went through the process of adjusting the bridges to meet the requirements for my mouth. At the conclusion of this repetitive process I had a final fitting.

    To Dr. K. Reddy’s credit he is a perfectionist and refuses to accept what he does not think is right for the patient. That was very comforting to know and as always he discussed his thoughts with me so I was aware of his thinking. We Finally arrived at the conclusion and my teeth were permanently attached. That’s it folks job done. On my first look I was totally impressed by what I saw suffice to say that I did not want to stop looking at the teeth in the mirror.

    For those reading my review it would imply that you dental issues. Perhaps not as grave as mine were but nevertheless issues. Please do not hesitate get the issue taken care of immediately because the earlier you do seek help the easier the solution. Dr. K. Reddy is your solution because that is the philosophy of the man. If you have apprehensions about travelling to Hyderabad please don’t. This was my first trip and I can assure you that I have never felt threatened in anyway as there’s nothing to fear Dr. K. A.Reddy and his team not only take care of your dental issues but go above and beyond to ensure that you are comfortable in anything you do. It would be remiss of me if I did not mention the rest of Team. Lakshmi, Donald and Karthik were excellent and took care of me in the best way possible and that is great care for my welfare and wellbeing. Kudos and thanks to the LBR Team. LBR Dental has all my contact information if you would like to discuss anything with me.

    Sometimes in life we are fortunate to meet a special person and Dr. K Reddy you are special and truly gifted in your chosen profession. You went above and beyond in the application of my treatment and totally surpassed my expectations completing the procedure with aplomb. I witnessed your work ethics and my words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you. Sir I thank you for making me feel great again and I am in awe of the finished product. You have made an individual like me proud that I made the right choice in choosing you as my provider. Should anyone care to ask I would not hesitate to give you my total and wholehearted endorsement of the special attributes that you posses. THANK YOU.

  • Garry Swatton CANADA

    My name is Garry Swatton and iam from Ottawa,Ontario, Canada.I researched for an implantologist over the internet and came upon Dr. Reddy and was well satisfied with his website.we also spoke by phone about the Basal implants as I wanted to avoid sinus lift and bone augmentation, I felt confident that Dr. Reddy could satisfy my requirements. I received a full upper restoration on implants using Zirconia while on the lower I kept 6 teeth( all crowned) and five individual bridges installed, all together I had 19 implants, 9 extractions and 6 root canals again on the bottom I choose Zirconia,now I have a beautiful smile, both upper and lower and I no longer have to wear a partial denture. A must mention that I was picked up at my hotel for each appointment and also from the airport. Dr. Reddy, his wife and staff are lovely people and accommodating. Dr. Reddy explains everything thoroughly and answers all questions in a professional but easy to understand way.I strongly recommend Dr. Reddy and lbr dental and implant center.

  • Lynore Gillman USA

    I started this journey almost a year ago. For the first time in my life I had to wear a full denture on my top. I hated it from the first second and cried about it all the time. It got to the point where I would not leave my house because I could not stand wearing them. I started looking into getting implants and when I found out what they would cost $5,000 bucks a piece, that was out of my budget, since I’m retired. My daughter suggested checking out Mexico, she said a lot of people went to Mexico for dental work because it’s much cheaper. I decided to check it out, and was introduced to a new phrase “dental tourism.” I did a ton of research and finally decided on a dentist in Cancun. He was one of the best and I got hold of his liason. After sending him my CAT and x-rays, he came back with the estimate and what it would entail. Long story short, 3 trips to Cancun. 1st trip of a week, 2nd and 3rd trip 2 weeks each. Then he told me that I would need to see an ENT doctor before coming because I had to have my sinus’ drained. Ugh…This would all occur over almost a years time, and would cost $20,000 and this was just for the top. I was hoping there was something else out there, and started looking. I found the “newest” kind of implants called ptyerygoid, where you don’t need any bone, or any sinus lifts, or any blood rich plasma stuff. The problem was finding a dentist that does this. Only found 2 in the US and the cost would be $30,000 each upper and lower, that’s $60,000 total. I don’t have that kind of money to spend on this. So I looked and looked and found many dentists in India that do this work and the cost was minimal. I talked to a few of them and decided to go with Dr. Reddy, it was a gut feeling that I had and my gut has never been wrong. He explained everything and answered all of my questions, and was always available if I had more questions, which I always did. Of course my kids and family and friends all thought I was nuts. Your going 1/2 way around the world BY YOURSELF, couple of my kids were very mad and didn’t know what to do to stop me. Everything Dr. Reddy told me from the airport to the final day of the trip was absolutely true. I was picked up from the airport by a very nice man and he would transport me to and fro from the hotel to the dentist. Dr. Reddy worked diligently and I went from no teeth to a full mouthful of teeth in 4 days. I had read and watched testamonies of other’s who said there was no pain, but didn’t quite believe that. Well I’m here to tell you that there was no pain and no blood. Dr. Reddy is not only the best dentist I have ever been to, (and I’ve been to many over my 61 years) he is an artist and a perfectionist. He is very intense while working but the man knows what he’s doing and I can’t say enough about him and his clinic. It is the best thing I have ever done and would do it again in a New York minute. If a 61 year old widow from NY could do this by myself, I would say don’t even hesistate about it, you would be in great hands with Dr. Reddy and his staff. Thank you Dr. Reddy, you gave me back my life. If you are thinking about doing this and would like to talk to me, you can find me on Facebook.

  • Alex Vintsel USA

    Dr.Reddy and his staff at LBR dental and implant center were extremely professional.I spent about six months researching various treatment options looking at different dental clinics and communicating with dentists about the available options all over the globe, then I came across the concept of basal implants which can be loaded immediately and realised that Dr. Reddy is the best in the business.The attention to detail that seperates the great from the good and iam more than happy with the outcome.the level of attention I received was exceptional.Thank you Dr. Reddy for everything and God bless you and your team.

  • Andre Luca Australia

    My name is Andre Luca i am 59 year old from gold coast Australia. It is with great pleasure i highly recommend Dr K A Reddy, Dr. Mrs Reddy, his dental assistants from LBR Dental and Implant Center. Hyderabad. INDIA. I came here after not seeing a dentist for over 14 years, so you can imagine the condition of my teeth without going into detail. I had full mouth replacement of upper & lower teeth. After 3 days it was all complete. Dr K A Reddy is such a professional in his field of dentistry not only that he shows The same attitude on a personal level. i have never experienced such V.I.P treatment. He & his dental team make you feel like you are their highest priority with a caring & very patient mindset. During the procedure you realize, He is a perfectionist i guarantee There is no pain during the procedure or after which was my major concern as i have a massive fear of needles I am still shocked at how fantastic my new teeth look and i can actually eat food normally again On a personal level, He demonstrates his kind helpful attitude. He not only organized transfers from airport & return, But everyday transport from hotel to his clinic which is cleanest & modernist place I’ve experienced, He also sorted my Australian Dollars into Rupees at the standard Rate. As i had not changed any over when i landed. His driver is also very helpful giving me a better understanding of Indian Culture. The nicest part after the procedure are finished, he organised 2 days of sight seeing which was Tremendous as hotel tourist operators charge a fortune. His guide charges $30 AUD a day & picks you up and returns you to your hotel. because of the above experiences I can honestly & whole Heartedly say he is the best & would recommend LBR Dental and Implant Center to anyone who has Dental Problems. Thank you again Dr K A Reddy & his team for their professionalism and sincerity not to mention my great new smile. Dr. Reddy has turned my first trip to Hyderabad into hyderaGood!

  • Heidi Sorenson U.S.A

    Hello, i am Heidi sorenson from united states of america and i would like to start my testimonial by thanking Dr. Reddy for his professionalism. I needed full mouth restoration for myself, and my consideration was to find an implant specialist who could do immediate loading basal implants in single visit at a reasonable price and i felt Dr. Reddy of LBR Dental & Implant Centre, was the perfect choice and opted for him and i am glad i did.Cant say, enough about Dr. Reddy, he is an artist and a perfectionist. The staff was also very attentive and dedicated well equipped and well maintained premises, trust him and you will never regret it.

  • La Shandra Williams Tempa, USA

    My name is La Shandra Williams, i reside in the united states. It was suffering from a tremendous amount of dental issues resulting from over a year of medications causing severe dryness in my mouth. i went to a dentist to get an estimate on how much it would cost to repair the damage . That dentist quoted me almost $8,000 USD. To do approximately 25 Fillings and 2 crowns. That didn’t seem like a path i wanted to travel. I had many fillings already. i didn’t want my teeth to look drastically older than my real age. I knew there had to be another option because getting the dental work given on the estimate would only delay the need for more dental work in the future. So i began searching online about dental work in other countries. This is where discovered dental tourism before that day i had never heard of such a thing. as i researched, India was listed on numerous sites as the place to get quality dental work at a fraction of the price. After researching and deciding what my destination was going to be, i started sending out my information to different dentist in the Hyderabad area. i received several replies in a clay or two. So be honest, i had chosen another dental office before choosing Dr. Reddy. It was a few days later, and i received correspondence for LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER The reason i choose Dr. Reddy was because of the conversation we had by phone. He explained everything thoroughly. He eased a lot of my fears about the procedures pricing, and transportation. He also made me less fearful about traveling alone to a foreign country. Weeks leading to my arrival, Dr. Reddy always made himself available to answer any questions or concerns i had. When i arrived at the airport there was a driver (upender..♥Him) with a sign with my name on it in clear view. He was also given my photo. He promptly drove me to the dental office where i met Dr. Reddy and his entire team. He has the best team of people that i have ever met in all Honesty. They were ready to start work, He gave me the option of starting now or the next morning. I decided to start now. He sent me to do a CT SCAN, and We began the procedures. We had decided that i would get the following. > 8 Implants > 12 Zirconia ceramic crowns > 13 porcelain/metal crowns > 19 root canals > 5 extractions Basically he was restoring my entire mouth. Over the course of 4 days i went from being self-conscious about my smile to wanting to smile at everyone and everything. Dr Reddy and his lovely wife made sure i was taken care of by the hotel staff when i arrived. She made it very clear as to what i needed because i was deliriously tired my first evening here. I am very thankful to Dr Reddy and the entire LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER. I have a smile that has only been a dream my entire life. You all gave me apart of myself back by giving me my smile back . i’ve always believed that a smile can change anyone’s day. Now, i can brighten everyone’s day with the smile i was given. I would have never been able to have this smile if i had to pay the prices in the united states. everyone thought i was “Crazy” for traveling this far, but wait until they see what i got for being “Crazy” This entire experience was well worth it. I will be recommending to everyone i know that needs dental work to LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER. Truly Thankful,

  • Sonya Lavington Ferlancel United Kingdom

    I recently travelled from the UK to have a full mouth reconstruction with Dr Reddy. Due to some complications with my travel arrangements, it meant that I would arrive later than my expected time: hence treatment was slightly off track. However from contacting Dr Reddy from the very start, he was always available to answer any queries or to offer any support if needed. So when my travel arrangements got disrupted I was able to contact Dr Reddy for his advise.He made the whole experience more comforting and stayed close to his phone, to ensure all was well as I was travelling alone. Eventually I arrived in Hyderabad and my driver was waiting for me. As I had missed a day out of when the procedure would start; Dr Reddy spoke to me on the phone and assured me all would be fine and that he had arranged for the driver to take me straight for my CT Scan in order for the treatment to commence that same morning. I was then taken to see Dr Reddy, his wife and his staff and to discuss what would take place. Dr Reddy was very thorough and explained the procedure step by step which made me feel comfortable and confident. I was then taken to my hotel in order to get some rest and then picked up a few hours later for the procedure to commence. I was highly impressed with the exceptional standard of his clinic and his assistants. I felt very relaxed and happy with the decision that I had made, which you can imagine is a big step to take. The procedure was vital for me as I had got to a stage that to eat was causing me great difficulty and I had lost all my confidence as I had lost the smile I once possessed. The treatment commenced and I must say Dr Reddy reassured me at every step and ensured that I understood what was taking place and the next step. 3 days after My new teeth were fitted. I am now back in the UK and loving my new smile: I can honestly say that Dr Reddy has made a new woman out of me, renewed confidence and loving my new smile. I therefore would recommend Dr Reddy at LBR dental and implant center, Hyderabad for any dental treatment you require; you will be happy with his expertise and professionalism. Once again I thank you all for the kind treatment I received and thanks to your assistant who took me out to do some shopping; a service that was above and beyond your role. Thanking you always.

  • Mr.Barton Gerald Canada

    After being told by dentists in canada that it will cost a fortune to replace my teeth on implants, i approached Dr. Reddy who gave me price that was very very affordable , i was a little apprehensive to start with but,my interaction with another client who was undergoing a similar procedure at the center put my final nerves to bed. The treatment i received was excellent and i am now a proud possessor of a new set of beautiful looking teeth.

  • Mrs. Ulla Woodard Canada

    I came to india to get my teeth fixed on implants after my husband Mr.Barton Gerald has undergone a similar treatment here with Dr. Reddy, I have suffered from irregular and missing teeth since long and can’t tell you how it feels to have a beautiful set of pearly white teeth,for once in my life. Dr. Reddy was very gentle and a thorough professional. In spite of his busy schedule he is always available to clear our queries.i would recommend Dr.Reddy to anyone who needs implants, you would be in safe hands.

  • Graeme Boyd Newzealand

    I can strongly recommend LBR Implants. The work was done extremely well,Dr Reddy is immensely competent, i was very nervous to begin with, at all times made me feel comfortable and confident in the work being carried out. He is second to none and was totally committed and takes real pride in doing a perfect job. Iam very satisfied as i was very well looked after. The team there includes his wife, a qualified dentist, and a good nursing team that made me feel I was in very capable hands. On top of this they made my stay easy and enjoyable with a driver to and from the airport, hotel and practice as well as tour advice once the serious part was complete. The important thing is the result which was excellent and I go home a very happy customer.

  • Juliette Payet France

    Unbelievable ! No pain ! I am Juliette From Paris. Just coming back from LBR dental implant Hyderabad India, I can show my beautiful smile at a very affordable price for BASAL IMPLANTS in three days. Keeping a nice souvenir of Dr. Reddy, his wife and the clinic’s team who was very careful and kind. No hesitation, quick, we feel in the mouth the hand of a skill person, Dr Reddy. I can say again, no pain, contrary that I have been heard around me in France which make me so scared before coming. I had time to have around the town and making some shopping. Thanks again to all the team. I am so happy with my new smile !

  • Mrs. Fahmida Manthe South Africa

    I lost all my teeth by the age of 30 and have been struggling with my dentures from the past 24 years.I started researching in the internet and looked at dentists in France and Germany and later Mumbai and Delhi in India.Almost all the dentists denied to take up my case quoting poor bone quality and a few dentists agreed to see me but were not sure of the treatment plan as they asked me to travel to their center, do a thorough check up, take a CT Scan and then come up with a treatment plan if possible. Dr. Reddy was the only person who was pretty sure about the treatment plan, the number of implants and the cost factor To satisfy myself,i contacted a few of his clients who got a similar treatment done by Dr. Reddy and they all had very good things to say about him, then i decided that he is the one. My husband had been supportive all through this process as he had seen me struggling with my removable dentures.Then flying to a different country seemed rather scary and was also worried about my personal safety but Dr. Reddy assured me that i am their guest and proper care will be taken to avoid any problem, the staff also help me made my hotel reservation and i Finally landed in Hyderabad, i was met at the airport by the center’s staff and taken to the hotel, CT scan and preoperative consultation were done and my treatment was scheduled to the next day. I was in the dental chair for about four hours for the full mouth reconstruction which was not an easy thing but Dr. Reddys attitude made it quite tolerable, i got 19 Implants placed including the zygoma implant which the doctor had done very effortlessly. Itwas a life changing experience, nothing short of a miracle. Dr. Reddy pays a lot of attention to details and is exceptionally competent, very kind and gentle, the staff very obedient, i am going back with a new outlook on myself and life. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. reddy and his team for all the dental needs.

  • Louis Owens United Kingdom

    I had been to india few months back on official visit and one of my indian colleagues on my request suggested me to go to Dr. K A Reddy of LBR Dental & Implant Centre for replacement of missing teeth on implants, but since Dr. Reddys center was located far away from where i was put up, i approached an other implantologist who i was told is good. I got my implants done and bridges fixed on the third day but to my dismay, the pain that started immediately after the surgery persisted even after a few days which i was told was not natural, when i contacted the doctor, he had no solution for the pain, finally we decided to go back to Dr. Reddy, as the pain was not subsiding inspite of taking antibiotics and i had to leave in 3 days. We approached Dr. Reddy on a late saturday evening and my flight was scheduled to, in the early hours of following monday. Dr, Reddy checked me thoroughly and suggested me to get the implants removed as they were wrongly placed, the very next day, he removed my old implants and immediately replaced them with fresh implants and provided provisionals on the same day. Thanks to Dr. Reddy for accommodating me on such a short notice, i assure all the people reading my testimonial that Dr. Reddy is the best in the business.

  • Sergio Cristofol Spain

    I am Sergio from Spain,I thank Dr.K.A.Reddy from LBR dental and implant center for accommodating me in a short notice,i got my implants done and crowns fixed in three days,i am very happy about the success, the service was very good and it is very cheap too.Mr and Mrs Reddy are very nice and friendly people,Dr. Reddy is very talented and placed the implants very effortlessly without causing any trauma.He strives for excellence and achieves it,he demonstrated sensitivity and professionalism. Anyone thinking of any kind of dental work done, please dont hesitate, call or mail Dr. Reddy and you will not regret it.

  • Yilmaz Yilgit Scotland

    For a long time i was missing some teeth but was avoiding dentists due to bad experience as well as financial constraints, but finally decided to go for it when i came to know about Dr.Reddy from one of my friends. On my arrival at the airport in hyderabad, i was received by their team and dropped at the hotel. The next day a thorough examination of my teeth followed by CT scan was done and the procedure was scheduled to the following day morning. The next day all the remaining standing teeth were removed and 23 implants were placed without much trauma as Dr.Reddy believes in Flapless implant placement. Trials were made during the next two consecutive days and i got a new set of teeth on the third day, i couldnt be more happier, my final smile was just amazing and i am waiting for my friends and family to see it. The entire experience was flawless, thanks to Dr.Reddy and his team for their excellent and skilled treatment. Dr. Reddy has an amazing skill doing the immediate loading in three days procedure and am happy to recommend this doctor to anyone.

  • Yildirim Esarogulu United Kingdom

    My teeth look better now, i am a total dental phobe and also i thought that there was no hope until i spent a fortune, i am glad i came across his website, upon sending an enquiry he got back to me with a reasonable quote and took his time to clear all my questions. After the initial consultation, was made to feel comfortable as i was nervous of getting my teeth removed and 16 implants inserted into my jaw bone. Dr.Reddy is very good with patients and has a way of making them calm and relaxed, friendly staff, couldnt have asked for a more professional and caring center. If you need quality work at an affordable price then you need to contact Dr. Reddy.

  • Mr. Liam United Kingdom

    I am Liam from UK. I came here to Dr. Reddy to get my teeth whitened. He suggested me Zoom bleaching which is a very simple and new pearly white teeth have given me more confidence. I smile more now. thank you doctor.

  • Jo Harry Othman MALAYSIA

    I am scared of going to a dentist, after waiting for so long to attend to the worsening condition of my teeth, I found Dr.Reddys website and his procedure was what i was looking for and i had to take the leap of faith. After enduring manageable pain and discomfort i finally got my new set of teeth. Thanks Dr reddy, you r the man!

  • Christopher Stevenson Scotland

    Hi, my name is Chris, iam 26y old and i came from Scotland to get my treatment done from LBR dental and implant center, Hyderabad. I got my full lower jaw implants done and zirconia crowns fixed on both the jaws. The procedure was pain free as your mouth is numbed using anaesthetic shots.nice people, the work done by Dr.reddy has been top rate, love my smile and it is well worth the money. thanks to mr n mrs reddy for their quality job and dedicated service,i recommend Dr.reddy to every one out there who are in need of dental treatment.

  • Renat Alimova Australia

    Lbr dental and implant center,provided an efficient and professional service.I was very nervous going into the implant treatment as i had to undergo full mouth replacement on implants but the implant procedure was not as traumatic as i assumed it to be,at every level i was treated with care,Dr.Reddy is incredibly talented helpful and well performed,now i have a full set of Zirconia teeth fixed firmly in my mouth and i can eat anything in a short span of three days.The place is very pleasant and the staff is very helpful.Iam delighted to recommend Dr. Reddy as an expert dentist.

  • Sarah Wesley United Kingdom

    Hi there, I’m Sarah from The Midlands, UK. After many years of research into implants conducted all of very the world, I decided to fly over to Hyderabad and put myself n the capable hands of Dr Reddy. Even though I was sure he’d do a great job, I was still terribly nervous, especially when he told me that I would be better off going for a full upper arch. My teeth were all loose, I guess I’d just tried to ignore that fact, ever hopeful a miracle would occur. Well miracles do happen, in the form of Dr Reddy’s knowledge, ability and precision. The removal and implantation process was extremely swift and painless… yes painless! I find it extremely hard to relax in any dentist chair but throughout this process I do believe I had some moments of complete ease and relaxation. I get scared at the sight of dental tools, let alone the sound, so this was quite some achievement. After three days and 3 fittings, I was fitted with my permanent full arch, and I’m thrilled to bits. It makes such a difference to my face, I love it. Regards the whole experience the dental assistants at the surgery were marvellous, very supportive and experienced, aswell as being delightfully courteous. Dr Reddy provided his personal driver for airport and clinic runs, and he too was a delight. The whole team, including Dr Reddy’s wife, Dr Sharada, were wonderful, I can’t say any more, other than if you’re thinking ‘should I, shouldn’t I’? Yes you should. I came alone, quite daunting as Hyderabad isn’t really a tourist hotspot, but everything has been taken out of my hands. I’ve had to do nothing for myself, which is certainly an added bonus when undergoing something so major. Thanks again everyone.

  • John Cassie New Zealand

    I am a retired Medical Laboratory Scientist from New Zealand. A number of years ago I had all my teeth removed. I decided to have total upper and lower jaws implanted. I have 2 years previously had throat cancer treated with chemotherapy and high dose X-rays. So I new about the possible difficulties of Bone density and thickness. I proceeded to look at the World wide availability of clinics that could and would perform a procedure that would be ideal for my situation. Identical clinics from all corners of the Planet contacted me with procedures material used and of course cost. I decided on looking at these three above options to look forward into LBR DENTAL AND IMPLANT CENTRE after communicating with Dr Reddy I decided to come to India for the procedure. My son and I have been to a number of places in I India before coming to Hyderabad for the procedure. The procedure as stated took three days. My son and I have been doing the tourist thing during the procedure. Pain for me was not an option and I continued as per usual. The staff and service from LBR has been excellent.. Aseptic techniques and procedures were followed well.(Laboratory experience allows me I think to comment on this). Prophylactic antibiotics and pain relief was part of the procedure. A few days post procedure all is well and we are to Goa for a little holiday before my last check up. At this stage I am happy to recommend Dr Reddy and his team to any person looking for implants. Long term I can not state, because for me I am just post procedure. PS my over 30 year old son has been treated like a King by all staff while I underwent the procedure

  • Linda Morison Adelaide Australia

    Hello everyone my name is Linda Morison and i come from Adelaide Australia. I had been wearing dentures for well over 10 years but they were far from satisfactory. I couldn’t wear the bottom ones are they moved around too much i had heard and read about dental implants but the cost of having this done in Australia was prohibitive. much more than i had therefor i seriously considered getting than done in INDIA. I contacted a few Indian Dental Clinics including Dr.reddys LBR Clinic, Dr.reddy was prompt in replying to my emails and once we had agreed on the cost. I decided to go ahead with this, once here i fell in love with India. for me coming from Australia it is a wonderful cultural experience. I have to be honest and tell you the implant procedure is fairly comfortable , I didn’t take pain killers on the second day as there was no much pain The following day there was very little pain. 3 days later and My Teeth were ready and looking Great, everything was completed. I now have fully functioning teeth that look Great!. If you are thinking about doing this, Don’t Hesitate, you wont regret it.

  • Frank Higgins UK

    Hi, my name is Frank Higgins from the United Kingdom I had been thinking for a while on getting my teeth fixed, After having various issues with my teeth over the years. So i decided to do some research all over the world to find The best clinic around. After looking at numerous places around the globe,decided to come to India and i mailed to different single piece implantologists in India but Dr.Reddy from Lbr dental and implant centre was the first to revert back and he seemed very confident and experienced and was also very reasonable enough. I had long conversations with Dr. K.A. REDDY over phone and decided to get treatment at Lbr dental, Hyderabad. I was very pleased with my decision as the care and attention i got in Hyderabad it was second to none. I had full mouth with Zirconia crowns all completed in 3 days very satisfied with the final result. The doctor is very friendly and very skilled, he sticked to his quote and also arranged airport and local transfers for me.the centre is very hyegienic and the assistants are very supportive, he even took me out for dinner, do not hesitate to come to LBR dental clinic in hyderabad you will be very pleased by the service you get over here in India.

  • Brian Storm Los Angeles,USA

    Great competent doctor, took care of all my dental needs with pricision, very reasonably priced, valued package, will get more for the money u pay. Product or level of servicing is absolutely amazing. If you are looking for recommendation, I am giving it to you right now, give him a call right now, talk to him and make up your mind, his name is Dr.K.A.Reddy. thank you for reading my testimonial.

  • Jean Singapore

    I’m Jean from Singapore, here in Hyderabad on 22/11/2016 having my dental implant done by Dr KA Reddy of LBR Dental & Implant Center. Before my journey here, I’ve done a lot of research and sourcing for trustworthy and reliable clinics. I have shortlisted a few clinics and started coresponding with them. I’ve finally decided to go for the offers and recommendations with Dr KA Reddy. I find him most prompt in answering all my queries, very articulate in clearing my all doubts despite my very silly and annoying questions. Besides his vast knowledge in his trade, his offer price fits well within my budget. My treatments involved 7 teeth extractions, 11 implants using Immediate Loading Basal Implant techniques and 12 zirconia crowns. During each treatment, Dr KA Reddy would brief me before each process starts, at every intermediary, and at the ends. Dr KA Reddy’s superb skills in dental implants and patient communications is worthy of applause.

  • Carl Atkinson U.K

    Having had dentures from a very young age and for 35 years, it has been my agenda to go for fixed teeth since a long time and was in a constant search of a dentist, but many of them declined taking up my case as I had a very low bone structure and few others quoted a exorbitant price which was out of my reach, I had read reviews where Dr. Reddy had done similar cases like this which made me opt for LBR Dental and Implant center at Hyderabad. Trust me, it was one of the best decisions I had taken. I can now eat a lot better and would like to thank Dr. Reddy for the great work he has done on me. He has an in depth knowledge and experience in his field. Truly recommended for implant work.

  • David Jones London. United kingdom

    I’ve always had bad teeth and needed some major work done. I looked at many places in various countries and chose Dr.K.A.Reddy, in no small part because all my emails to him got a personal reply addressing my specific questions, not long standard form letters. We discussed my issues online and I felt happy booking a flight to India, Dr Reddy recommended a nearby jubilee ridge hotel which was great. Once I arrived and had a look around his practice I was reassured. It was neat and spotless and very up to date and well equipped. We discussed what I wanted and again he listened and answered my questions and didn’t try to talk me into anything I didn’t want, listened to my preferences and we agreed what he would do. The next day we did the bulk of the work, which in my case was quite a bit. With hindsight I’d suggest arriving at least one day before starting treatment, especially after a long flight, if you’re having a lot done as it can be a bit much. I was fitted with a temporary crowns while we waited for the Zirconia set to be made, but after a 3 days and with the new teeth fitted, with Dr Reddy leaving plenty of time to try them out and for adjustments to be made if needed, it was well worth it. My smile is fantastic and my only regret is not doing this years ago.

  • Edward Lukasz Ottawa, Canada

    I came from Ottava,Canada on 24th September 2016 to Hyderabad,India to see Dr.K.A.Reddy at LBR dental and Implant center,after a thorough research.Initially I was a little apprehensive to come all the way from Canada to a new place,but after speaking to Dr.K.A.Reddy on the phone I gained confidence and decided to go for it. Dr.Reddy placed 20 implants without opening the gum and took every care possible as Iam a diabetic patient and fixed teeth in three days,it went on pretty smoothly without much inconvenience and it costed me a fraction of what I would pay in Canada.All you have to do is send your X-ray and he will give you an estimate without any hidden charges. He is highly dedicated and talented individual committed to do work perfect.Iam very happy with the work done by him.Highly recommended. Dr.K.A.Reddy

  • Nicolas Gurrato Brisbane, Australia

    I am Nicolas Gurrato living in Brisbane,Australia. I had very bad teeth since the age of 25. At 30 years, i was already forced to smile with my mouth shut . Things just slowly got worse over the years and at the age of 39 i had only 9 teeth left in my upper arch. some of them at the front being half broken , almost no teeth on the side and missing teeth on the bottom right side too. Apart from the cosmetic aspect eating was a big issue too as, i only had one biting point left in my whole mouth. A year and half ago i made appointments with a dentist to get an” all on 4 procedure ” which would cost me a bit below 30,000 AUD . ”fortunately ” my bank declined my loan application and i had to postpone fixing my teeth .A few months later i searched internet again to check on prices for implants and found out about the basal implants and permanent teeth in 3 days technique this sounded perfect to me , cheaper , faster and as a smoker it wasn’t an issue. A month before my 40 th birthday it got into my head to get treatment and quick . I applied for loan for a lesser amount and got it approved straight away.Nice! searched the internet for the cost of IHDE implants, this is not available in Australia and not even available in Thailand but India was the closest country to provide these . Looking at the dental clinic websites not many were advertising the prices ,i contacted some, they wouldn’t give me an average cost unless i took an appointment with them which doesn’t inspire trust . I came across Lbr dental & implant center , Hyderabad which has clear prices of implant packages on it and also seems to be the best than any other implant center. I had my holidays already booked off work and was ready to book a flight so i consulted Lbr dental & implant center through their website to see if they could take me in 2 weeks time .after few emails and whats app exchanges with Dr.K.A.Reddy and his wife Dr.K.Sharada Reddy, i was reassured and booked in. i arrived on monday night in Hyderabad, on Tuesday morning after discussing the case further we went ahead with the procedure,I got all my upper teeth removed and a couple of lower ones, I had 11 teeth extracted and 16 implants placed i have a big fear of dentist but thanks to Dr.K.A.Reddy it went smoothly, the next two days i went few times to clinic to try the new crowns, a full upper arch and 3 new crowns at the bottom Dr.Reddy’s professionalism was perfect ,all the way through so was his attention to details, during the try inn’s he could have slipped few minor details but he didn’t , he really went an extra mile in offering me some sight seeing of my choice and dinner at famous restaurant. The implant center was at high standard,The dentists in our western countries will always advice against having dental treatment overseas, but i am sure Dr.K.A.Reddy has more experience then them. Thanks to Dr.K.A.Reddy and Dr.K.Sharada Reddy now i have a great smile on my face don’t require carrying a tooth pick all the time i will spend my 40 th birthday next week being the most smiling man on earth. Highly recommended!


    I am Renalds Ramoz 74 years old from North Las Vegas, Nevada. I came here to Dr.K.A.Reddy of Lbr dental & implant center to get my full upper arch implants done. I got my previous upper arch implants done in Argentina few years back and all implants became loose, so i needed to get them fixed. I went to UCLA ,California i went to Clear choice, Las Vegas everyone asked more than 35,000 USD. I tried numerous places New Jersey, Florida , and Philadelphia all of them were same, some of them expressed helplessness after looking at the Panorex x ray. Dr.K.A.Reddy said little over 5000 USD i got into the plane and came here to Hyderabad, India. He arranged airport transfers and within 3 days he fixed my teeth lined them up better than before. I would recommend Dr. Reddy to everyone . If you need implants come here to Dr.K.A.Reddy as you can not get a better job anywhere in the world.

  • James Kappenhaggen Miami, USA.

    I am Mr James from Miami, USA. I have been having dental problems all my life , especially my upper arch so i decided to have my entire upper arch restored on implants . I started doing research and remember reading an article that you can have your medical and dental work done abroad at much cheaper than in United states . I went through different websites and done a through research on it and came across LBR DENTAL & IMPLANT CENTER and also a couple of other dental clinics in india. I compared and reached out to them and heard back from all but found LBR Dental and Implant center to be quick and more reasonable than others, I did some background and went through the testimonials talked to few people who had been here before they are completely satisfied as am i , It feels great fits great and very happy with the work that has been done they took proper care of me had been to one of their family gatherings with them , enjoyed their hospitality . I would absolutely recommend Dr.K.A.Reddy to do any dental work that you need . Thank you very much.

  • Mrs. Tatyana Newzealand

    Having just completed my treatment by Dr.Reddy at Lbr dental and implant center,i want to express my glory.i cant thank him enough for working on me and reach my goal of a beautiful smile by replacing all my lowers on implants and full set of zirconia capping done on the uppers,Dr.Reddy is a kind and caring person who explained my treatment plan very patiently,i felt good knowing what he was going to do and what was next after each step.iam very pleased with the outcome,i loved the technology and the friendly staff.

  • Paul Peters United Kingdom

    I have often had teeth trouble throughout my life. As a result, I have had a number of fillings, crowns and bridges fitted at different times and by different dentists. Some have lasted years and some have needed replacing. So now, at the age of 66, I again needed extensive work and, rather than fixing tooth by tooth, I decided to fix my whole mouth once and for all. After long research into the ‘teeth in 3 days’ concept, I decided visit Dr Reddy in Hyderabad. And I am so glad I did. Dr Reddy carried out the work in a highly competent and professional manner. He paid great attention to detail, inspired confidence, and was very re-assuring throughout. The whole process was virtually painless! And I now have a wonderful new set of teeth.

  • James Cross USA

    Extremely gifted doctor,great experience from start to finish.I do not hesitate in recommending Dr.K.A.Reddy and his team to anyone.

  • Reedwan Idries Perth, Western Australia

    I am Reedwan Idries from Perth, Western Australia ​ After a previous bad experience with a dentist, I never thought i would be able to have fixed teeth on Implants, that i would be able to chew with or be very comfortable.Problems with the dentures made my life miserable, As the condition of my teeth was worsening, i found myself talking less. So I​ searched a lot on the internet regarding single piece implants and fixed teeth in 3 days protocol. i have sent my enquiry to lot of dentists in India but Dr K.A.Reddy was quick enough to give me a treatment plan and a quote​. I made an appointment with Dr.K.A.Reddy of ​LBR Dental and Implant center in Hyderabad, India​ and as promised they completed my Full mouth​Implant treatment and fixation of zirconium teeth in 3 days.A great Thank u all for my beautiful teeth,they look so real and you are quite a team and made a stressful time so much easier. ​ ​I couldn’t possibly have been more pleased with the level of care you took to achieve the amazing result.

  • MRS Linda USA

    I have been troubled with my teeth since 4 to 5 years.pain started across in the middle of my upper teeth. my dentist said they all have to be pulled. then went to another dentist and had 3 lower teeth pulled and 3 lower and 4 upper implants done.Upper implants fell out within months but the lower 3 did good until a person bumped me in the mouth in the month of June 2015.they fell out in march 2016.I almost swallowed them while having my tooth less top and missing 3 bottom teeth.It was hopeless, frustrating, annoying and pain full because of it wears you down, tires you out, took the joy right out of my life and was depressed. After researching on different implants and the method of implants for lack of bone we approached LBR DENTAL AND IMPLANT CENTER in India. we arranged everything and set it up. The best part was the doctor his wife and staff are awesome in treating you with loving kind and hospitable manner, thing is I am honored and feel very blessed that all the prayers from my friends back home have been mouth feels and looks beautiful i had 12 implants in the upper jaw and 3 in the lower jaw, they take care of you with medicines and numb you real good so just let me say if you need any dental work done i really recommend you contact them by sending recent x-ray by email.I thank DR.K.A.Reddy and his wife for treating me so well.

  • Shiryl Johnson North Carolina, USA

    I am from North Carolina,USA.I got my teeth removed few months back in America, later when I visited Switzerland on my missionary work I consulted few doctor there for my fixed replacement but they suggested bridges saying that implantation is not possible as my extraction had been traumatic where they had to remove a lot of bone as my teeth were very badly decayed. When I visited India, my friends here suggested me,to take Dr.K.A.Reddy’s opinion, who assured me that i can get my fixed teeth on basal implants with in three days and as assured he has performed the procedure in a flap less manner and my chewing efficiency is completely restored, thanks to Dr.K.A Reddy and his staff of Lbr dental & Implant Center who were very friendly through out the entire episode.

  • ABDUL AZIZ Malaysia

    I found Dr.K.A.Reddy to be very honest, down to earth person , he knows his stuff and understands the situation very well . Before arriving to Hyderabad i discussed about my case with Dr.K.A.Reddy on Whatsapp , i have sent my orthopantomograph x ray on whatsapp he came up with nice treatment plan and a affordable quote. finally when i arrived Rajiv gandhi international airport, Hyderabad he had arranged airport transfer . i work in a bank in Kaulalampur , Malaysia could get only 5 days leave but as promised Dr. Reddy finished my Root canal and implants treatment in 3 days ​.i could see only charminar but may be next time i will try to cover more places. His support staff is good and very helpful . I thank Dr.Reddy for changing my smile , its my good fortune i came here. I would definitely recommend Lbr dental & implant center to everyone.


    This is the best dental office i had been to. Clinic is very clean and neat . Dr .K.A.Reddy is very friendly and explained my situation very well and as he promised he did hid job on time. Its indeed my good fortune i came here.I got beautiful teeth to smile without any pain , he was just talking to me and he finished it off. I feel good and with pleasure i suggest this clinic to everyone.

  • Srinivasa Reddy Australia

    I have been living in Australia for 8 years and for those years I have been in search of an excellent dentist and was lucky to stumble upon this website and was quiet impressed. Lengthy spells of dental treatment,financial concern and pain phobia are the prime factors why I have been delaying my treatment since years even though I was aware of the fact that I have a very serious problem. I felt immediately at ease as Dr.K.A.Reddy discussed my treatment options at length and laid out a plan both dental and financial. Dr.K.A.Reddy displayed a very direct n honest approach n finished my treatment….removal of teeth,implant placement ,and teeth replacement in flat 3 days n was made comfortable during the treatment n had a short recovery time. I still can’t stop looking at my teeth many times a day,I feel more confident abt myself in my profession n personally iam thrilled.I urge those people who are considering implants to make an appointment with Dr.K.A.Reddy as words cannot describe how happy iam with the result.He will always be the only dentist in the world for me n my family. Thank you doctor for the excellent dental work and the kindness u have extended to me over the past 3 days.

  • Girlie Pt Philippines

    I, Girlie resident of Melbourne have lost 2 grinding teeth and a wisdom tooth has erupted and i was facing some pain and difficulty in eating. I have contacted few dentists while in philippines, who gave me dentures to use. The denture was not comfortable, and did not address my concern. I tried using the denture occasionally. In my recent visit to Hyderabad, I Dr.K.A.Reddy and consulted him about my problem, he took few x-rays and recommended flapless implants and wisdom tooth extraction. I was concerned about the pain i would have to go through during these procedures. he explained to me clearly, the material and the method used. I found Dr.K.A.Reddy, very professional in his conduct, i could easily trust him and have confidence in his knowledge, vast experience and pain free procedure. he started and finished in 3 days as planned overall, my experience and time with Dr.K.A.Reddy was very pleasant and professional, i would recommend anyone to his clinic and i myself would visit him every time i visit Hyderabad for review and any further treatment options

  • Mujeeba Bahrain

    I am Mrs Mujeeba from Bahrain, I heard a lot about Dr.K.A Reddy through my relatives in Hyderabad, I sent my X-rays to Dr.K.A.Reddy and then he assured that teeth can be replaced in three days, I made an appointment with the doctor and came down to India and as promised he placed implants in the lower jaw and fixed zirconia teeth in 3 days. I am so happy with his dedication and i am sure that he will achieve greater heights in the near future. Inshallah, May god bless him.

  • Madhu K Reddy New Jersey

    Iam Mr.Madhu.k.Reddy,I live in New Jersey.I got my lower grinding teeth removed long back in US,wen I visited India I consulted a dentist there for the fixed replacement of the missing teeth on implants,who in turn suggested me to go to Dr.K.A.Reddy.At L.B.R dental and implant center I got my implantation done which was done painlessly without opening the flap Later I got zirconium crowns fixed on the implants and believe me it was all done in 3 days. Iam happy with Dr.K.A.Reddys skill n technique.the hospital is very clean and fully equipped,the employees were courteous,I highly recommend to make Lbr dental n implant center a final destination for ur dental cannot find a better service than Lbr dental n implant center.

  • Mrs. Rajeshwari Hyderabad, India

    I am Mrs. Rajeshwari and have been struggling with bad teeth for over 7 to 8 years. My husband who is a regular visitor to L.B.R dental center tried to convince me to undergo dental treatment and inspite of he assuring me about Dr.K.A.Reddy’s capability, I didn’t undergo any treatment for years. But finally I had to give in because of the severity of the pain. Dr.K.A.Reddy and his staff provided a comfortable and a pleasant atmosphere during the course of treatment and I have just completed a partial restoration in the upper and lower arches with implants and root canal treatment n crowns at Dr.K.A.Reddy’s LBR Dental & implant center and iam extremely pleased with the results. The experience has been a positive and life changing one. I would recommend DR.K.A.Reddy to everyone .

  • Mr.Laxmipathi Goud Nellore, India

    I am Mr.Laxmipathi Goud and Iam a Zilla parishad chairman.I along with my family members have been regular clients of Dr.K.A.Reddy. I have so much confidence in his capability that I just sit down in the dental chair relaxed, that Iam in capable hands, he will only do what is best for me without any pain and discomfort. Two years back I got my lower complete set of teeth replaced with implants and I was so comfortable with the outcome that I went back for the upper partial replacement 6 months ago.I am very happy with the result.I no longer have to be choosy about the food I eat, and I thank DR.Reddy and his team for their wonderful teamwork, friendship and kindness .i would happily recommend him to everyone.

  • Mr. Goud Nellore, India

    Dr.K.A.Reddy thank u very much and I could not have asked for more . u are meticulous and very professional .I hav been suffering from dental problem for years but was a little apprehensive to visit a dentists due to the various factors like pain phobia and financial problems but after my friend Mr.prathap Reddy who got full mouth fixed teeth replaced by you insisted me to visit u at least once and take your opinion,I came to u hesitantly but u cleared all my doubts. I got root canal treatment and crowning done on the decayed teeth without any discomfort and at a reasonable price. A big thank you to you Dr.K.A.Reddy.

  • Prathap Reddy Hyderabad, India

    I have been visiting Dr.Reddy for several years now and he is like a family member . I have always been most impressed by his professional expertise.3y back I got all my lower teeth replaced on implants and by a denture to reduce the expenses. the lower fixed teeth were so comfortable that I decided to get fixed replacement done in upper arch as well. Now I have the same comfort as the natural teeth.My teeth are just wonderful and iam able to smile and eat with new confidence.The staff was also wonderful with their support.iam very much grateful to Dr.K.A.Reddy for his approach and making my life better.

  • Viswanadh Hyderabad, India

    I lost my upper teeth very early due to hereditary factor and I have been wearing an upper denture for the last four years which was not at all comfortable and my teaching profession has made it worse as I have to speak continuously and was always a little apprehensive while doing so. But my recent dental implant surgery was one of the most successful dental experience I ever had. Dr.Reddy is both knowledgeable and skilful who finished my job with very little pain and there was almost no bleeding as he has done a flapless procedure.after wearing an upper denture for the last four years of my life I finally have fixed teeth.i smile all the time now! I also don’t have to make sure, I didn’t forget anything before leaving the house.My visit to Dr.Reddys clinic was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  • Susheela Hyderabad, India

    I am a RMP doctor practising in mehboobnagar district,I couldn’t see my mother suffering from teeth problems, so on a dentists suggestion took her to L.B.R dental and implant center.Dr.K.A.Reddy spoke to us in detail about my mothers problem and I found him to be very confident and energetic ,with a lot of knowledge in implants. Everything went on smoothly n we got her lower set of teeth fixed permanently. she is very happy with the way the doctor has dealt her case. the hospital staff was also efficient.The best part is that my mother is able to chew properly and the result is just amazing .

  • Mr. Yaseen Vijayawada, India

    Iam a manager at a private firm and due to time constraints I couldn’t undergo any dental procedure and was delaying my treatment as a result of which I ended up with lot of problems,especially in the upper arch.I agreed for the treatment after Dr.Reddy who has been our dentist since long has promised to finish my case in three days and he sticked to his word and has done a flapless treatment due to which I had minimal pain and discomfort .iam very happy with the outcome and I wish Dr.Reddy success in his future endeavours.

  • Tamil Selvi Hyderabad, India

    I always felt that Dr.K.A.Reddys technique and skill is far better than his contemperories and that is the reason why I went to him for the total replacement of my lower teeth on implants n later partial replacement of my upper teeth without any second thoughts. I don’t have to wear my removable prosthesis anymore,iam extremely happy with my decision.I thank DR.Reddy from the bottom of my heart.

  • T.S Singh Hyderabad, India

    5 star recomendation . Dr.K.A.Reddy is a wizard with the implants and bone. I had been told by many dentists that nothing can be done for me.I was told I could not get implants because I had lost too much bone. I was pretty desperate and on my friends suggestion met Dr,K.A.Reddy and he told me that he could get me permanent teeth and that he could do everything in just three days. i didn’t believe it at first until he explained how it was done and showed me many pictures of patients who have successfully had this procedure done with him. i could tell that DR.K.A.Reddy knew what he was talking about and he just seemed so confident in what he was telling me .and everything went just as he said .i had one surgery.i got my implants. i got my teeth . no more dentures!!! i was happy beyond belief DR.K.A.Reddy delivered on every promise he made to me

  • Vishwanath Hyderabad, India

    After having spent years embarrassed and unconfident with my teeth, I visited DR.K.A.Reddy feeling quite unsure as to how much of a difference they would be able to make, but I am extremely happy to say that DR.K.A.Reddy within three days has changed my entire smile. I got the entire lower broken, decayed teeth replaced by implantation and upper I opted for a denture to cut down the expense. I finally have the smile I always wished for. The team at L.B.R have given me a new found confidence and I cant thank or recommend them highly enough. Their professionalism, friendliness, honesty and generosity have been a constant comfort throughout the process. thank you so much.

  • Rama Rao Hyderabad, India

    I have been visiting Dr.K.A.Reddy for more than 10 years or so. I am aware of the fact that Dr.K.A.Reddy is very skilled and highly professional. i got treated by him sucessfully over the years. But I want to add another resounding success story. One year back I got my upper full arch replaced by new fixed teeth on implants as my natural teeth had completely given up and they were a complete disaster.The fixed teeth in three days allowed me to get a new set of teeth which are permanent and are very much functional. Now I can eat whatever I want to without any hesitation. The complete credit goes to Dr.K.A.Reddy and his support staff. Honestly,I fully recommend Dr.K.A.Reddy to anybody who needs a dentist ,who takes time to listen and understand any fears you have and makes you feel at ease.

  • Janardan Hyderabad, India

    I had spacing and two missing teeth in the upper jaw so I approached dr k a reddy where I underwent braces treatment by an orthodontist dr suresh and later Dr.K.A.Reddy placed two single piece implants and loaded them immediately and restored my smile .thanks to Dr.K.A.Reddy and his team.

  • Marthamma Hyderabad, India

    I had no teeth of my own and had been wearing illfitting removable dentures for many years.The dentures kept wobbling all the time,there was constant food piling under the dentures,forget about chewing I was not even able to smile or communicate properly.Every now and then the dentures used to leap out of my mouth unintensionally which was funny for people and embarrassing for me.I stopped attending functions and had become so weak due to improper diet and was almost bedridden.Then someone suggested Dr.K.A.Reddys L.B.R Dental and implant center to my son,I had lost all hope by then but my children forced me to meet him and which has changed my life dramatically. Dr.K.A.Reddy patiently listened to all my problems and suggested fixed teeth on dental implants.I was in the dental chair for about three hours which was not easy but his attitude made it quite tolerable.I had a little discomfort for about two to three days and I got my fixed teeth in three days and life is so comfortable now,I gained five kgs in a matter of just two months and believe me iam dancing at our family gatherings now.

  • Mr. Seetharam Guntur, India

    I am Mr. Seetharam, I always had a problem with my smile as my lower front teeth used to overlap my uppers which according to dental terminology is called cross bite and I being an industrialist always had some or the other meetings on a regular basis with my clients and I somehow was not comfortable and confident with my smile so I approached Dr.K.A Reddy who’s like a family doctor to us .i discussed about my problem with him and he has corrected my smile using bendable single piece implants, painlessly and without disturbing my hectic schedule. A big thank you to DR. K.A.Reddy and all the staff at the clinic for doing an amazing job. Now I have a beautiful smile. The credit goes to DR.K.A.Reddy and the revolutionary dental implants.

  • Subba Rao Hyderabad, India

    All my teeth have become loose as iam a Chronic diabetic and a hypertensive patient, and I have been smoking since ages Dr.K.A.Reddy is well known to us as all my family members have been getting treatment done by him since many years so I approached him and he removed all my upper and lower teeth and placed implants in a single day and fixed teeth on the implants on the 3rd day I could get it done because of the confidence he instilled in me as I was apprehensive, because of health issues and also because of my habits.

  • Laxman reddy Hyderabad, India

    I didn’t have upper grinding teeth and had a lot of problem while chewing and the doctor said that lower teeth were also coming up because of the missing upper teeth,I visited many dentist but they suggested dentures because there was no bone support near the sinus area, when I insisted for fixed teeth they suggested me to go for the complicated sinus lift procedures, followed by bone grafting and a waiting period of 8 to 10 months and they also said that they are not sure whether they can replace the teeth even after undergoing all these procedures , then I visited Dr .K.A.Reddy on my niece’s suggestion who works for Dr.Reddy .Dr.Reddy said that by placing tubero pterygoid implants my treatment is possible without any surgical procedures and he has done that without even raising the flap and even replaced my teeth in 3 days .Iam very grateful to Dr.K.A.Reddy for his innovative approach and all my grinders are completely functional now .Thank you Dr.K.A.Reddy for your caring attitude.

  • Gangadhar Vijayawada, India

    Both my son and daughter in law are medical doctors, so they enquired a lot about dentists and finally decided to approach Dr.Reddy for my implant treatment, and he has lived up to our expectations and has done a wonderful job without much trauma and I highly recommend him to others .

  • Venkateshwar Rao Vijayawada, India

    Venkateshwar Rao, 61 yrs, my upper teeth fell down in normal course because of age factor in that situation I felt so shy to talk even to my friends. X ray report revealed complete 90% damage in the upper jaw then I visited so many dental hospitals including corporate hospitals but none of them satisfied me in the line of treatment required in my case. Finally I consulted dr k a reddy , he successfully operated me with a new technique called immediate loading basal implants which did not cause any pain to me thus demonstrating his talent in the dental line. In Hyderabad as many as thousand dental hospitals are existing and I feel there are few dental hospitals which are worthy finally I am very happy now I can say that Dr k.a reddy is one of the best dentist, courageous, very confident and very much devoted to his profession.

  • Rajashanker Hyderabad, India

    Rajashanker, Previously I used to have severe discolored teeth. Not even able to talk freely before anyone. I hardly used to smile even before my close friends and colleagues. But when I approached LBR DENTAL IMPLANT CENTRE I got my spirits back. Dr .K .A .Reddy brought back my smile. Within few visits and in a short period of time, he has treated all of my teeth with root canal and restored with zirconium crowns. After completion of treatment I wondered when I looked myself. It’s really a miracle. Today I am very bold and confident before my colleagues. I will never ever be shy in my life because of my appearance. My teeth gave a new life to me. Thank you Dr.K.A.Reddy for his excellence and patience .I will be grateful to you all of my life.

  • Sujatha Hyderabad, India

    I lived with bad teeth for many years and it affected me badly in so many ways. no confidence. no self esteem. When I heard from my friend about DR.K.A.Reddy ,I decided that it was time to gift myself, I wanted new , nice teeth I could chew and smile with. Some of my family members called me crazy for spending so much money on my teeth, but it was worth it. I got rid of the shame and pain that my old teeth caused both physically and emotionally. DR.K.A.Reddy is the absolute best for this procedure. if you have bad teeth, DR.K.A.Reddy can do magic for you and you will never regret it.

  • Murthy Hyderabad, India

    I have not seen a dentist for over 15y and as a result my teeth are in a very bad shape.I had cracked broken down and chipped loose teeth on all my upper jaw and few in the lower.I did not even consider dentures because of seeing so many people I know sufferwith theirs, but I knew something had to be done so I had the consult with DR.k.A.Reddy about implants and from that moment on I was completely at ease and confident.On the day of surgery I had absolutely no apprehension about what was to come.DR.k.A.reddy is a very educated and experienced as well as warm and friendly professional.I wouid and I do recommend him to anyone I meet who has these type of dental problems.It completely changed my life.I wish I had got this done before.

  • Gopichand Guntur, India

    Dr.K.A.Reddy and his staff finished my dental implant work without opening the flap in flat 3 days.the implant process was a huge success.DR.K.A.Reddy did a great job with the implant,making sure that I was as comfortable as possible during the procedure.He and is staff are extremely friendly and very thorough,explaining all of the detailsof the implant process .i would highly recommend getting your implant done with DR.K.A.Reddy.