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Implants In Upper Jaw


Existence with a conventional upper denture implants or implants in upper jaw, is more problematic than losing your natural teeth. Removable dentures affect your capability to chew food thereby affecting your masticating capacity, your comfort and ultimately your confidence.

Edentulism tends to have psychological impact on a person’s mind. Dentistry has evolved very rapidly over the years and the real challenge is to provide immediate comfortable working solution for implants in upper jaw that fulfills your trust and reliability and at the same time be light on your pocket.

With the arrival of immediate loading upper denture implants or implants in upper jaw, dentists are now able to provide a third set of dentition within no time, missing teeth can be replaced immediately using single piece implants.

These implants allow desirable healing and effective adhesion of gingival mucosa to arrange a collar which is beneficial and cohesive to the implants thereby avoiding a second surgical intervention and at the same time providing Aesthetics, which is of almost importance.

The upper jaw also known as the maxilla is an important structure of the viserocranium and is the major part of the face. It helps in communication, chewing and also making the skull light, as it is light and fragile except the Alveolar process that holds the teeth.

It has a thick cortical bone which encompasses the coarse trabecular bone which is suitable for the placement of implants in upper jaw.

Upper Denture Implants or implants in upper jaw placement in the distal half of the maxilla when compared to the anterior part is challenging owing to the presence of sinus or airspaces, as iatrogenic sinus perforation is a commonly encountered issue which leads to failure of the upper denture implant or implants in upper jaw in most of the cases, which has been taken care of by the basal implants.

Basal implant cases avoid sinus lift complications and dental bone grafts complications as the implants are placed in the basal bone, which is present in all thereby reducing the treatment time, i.e. permanent teeth in 3 days and also the cost of full mouth implants.

Implants in upper jaw can be replaced in a person suffering with edentulism and permanent teeth in 3 days can be provided using affordable dental implants

Immediate loading implants which provide life time warranty are the perfect solution if

  • You have recently lost all teeth but don’t want dentures.
  • You currently have dentures and don’t like wearing them.
  • You can’t wear dentures because they make u gag or choke.
  • If you are looking for low cost dental implants.

You have the following three options if you are considering Implants in Upper Jaw.
1.Upper Denture Implants
Removable Implant Supported Dentures can be placed if a person prefers to cut down the cost.

In this procedure four single piece implants are placed in the Upper jaw and a Denture is made and connected to either a ball or a bar attachment which in turn is anchored to the Implants. These dentures are also called as snap on dentures, low cost of Upper denture implants or implants in upper jaw is the only reason why people opt for this procedure although it cannot be compared to fixed replacement of teeth on full mouth dental implants.

2.Fixed denture on implants:
In this procedure Six low cost dental implants are placed in the upper jaw and an upper denture is made and cemented on the implants. You will get a fixed denture in this method and can cut down the dental implant cost in this procedure.

3. Fixed bridges on implants.
In this technique 8 to 10 affordable dental implant, are placed in the upper arch after removing the teeth if any under local anesthesia. A combination of bicortical, compressivesingle piece implants are placed in the upper arch along with 2 Tubero-Pterygoid Implants, Which are placed in the distal most part of the maxilla in the pterygoid bone with a minimally invasive flapless procedure. The main advantage of these implants is that they avoid cantilevers there by providing a stable bridge.

Tubero-Pterygoid Implants also help avoid sinus lift problems as the pterygoid bone is present in all. Ins case of a severely atrophic maxilla where in, implantation is not possible in the anterior part of maxilla, then zygomatic implants along tubero-Pterygoid Implants can be placed and full set of 14 teeth in the upper jaw can be replaced with fixed ceramic teeth either with a porcelain fused to metal or metal free zirconia in three days without facing sinus lift problems or bone grafts complications.


  • Permanent teeth in 3 days
  • Cost of Upper Fixed Teeth will be very reasonable
  • Life Time Warranty