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Implants in Lower Jaw

Implants in Lower Jaw

The lower jaw or the mandible, is a large and a sturdy bone in a person’s face which holds the teeth, of the lower arch in place. It is the only bone which is movable in the skull and helps in mastication and talking. Single piece implants, help in immediate rehabilitation of edentulous mandible which was previously not possible with conventional implants, by using immediate loading implants in lower jaw while facilitating utmost tissue preservation.

Basal Implants, present a solitary mono block design that blends both implant and the super structure for an able and a rapid single sitting procedure. These immediate loading implants are designed distinctively for cases where there is very less bone height with a narrow ridge. Single piece implants are time effective, they eradicate the demand for repeated surgeries thereby, curtailing patients exposure to trauma.

These are also called as affordable dental implants or cheap dental implants or low cost dental implants as they cut down the overall treatment expenditure due to the

  • single entity, there by reducing the production cost
  • nerve bypass procedure instead of nerve repositioning and
  • by not using bone grafts.

When the teeth in the lower arch are missing or getting them removed as they are damaged beyond repair then,a fixed prosthesis on implants in lower jaw is an enduring explanation as,

  1. Fixed teeth don’t slip when you speak or consume food.
  2. Prevent further bone loss.
  3. Function like your natural teeth there by regaining lost confidence.

Single piece implants in lower jaw reduce the dental implant cost as, it is a single entity and act like roots of natural teeth and provide a stable reliable solution as they are devised to provide a long lasting support for replacing teeth which not only feel and function like native teeth but also preserve the original facial contours.

Permanent teeth in 3 days can be accomplished using, Ihde single piece implants and the three techniques that can be considered depending on the number of affordable dental implants placed are:

  • Removable denture on implants:-

This Procedure involves placing two single piece implants in lower jaw, a bar or a ball attachment is used to connect the denture to the implants, here the denture remains fixed to the implants but is detachable.

  • Fixed denture on implants:-

This requires positioning of four immediate loading implants in lower jaw and cementing a pre fabricated denture on the immediate loading implants, this procedure helps reduce the cost of lower fixed teeth.

Lower denture implants reviews are good but, fixed bridges are favoured over this.

  • Fixed Bridges on implants:-

This involves placing 7 to 9 single piece implants in lower jaw like the full upper jaw and cementing a prefabricated bridge on the immediate loading implants.

Procedure :–

Extraction of teeth if any, under local anesthesia followed by, implantation of 7 to 9 IHDE immediate loading implants depending on the quality of the bone, This procedure does not require bone grafts as the implants are placed in the basal bone. This is the key to the basal implant cases. Traumatic procedures like nerve repositioning can also be avoided as nerve by pass technique is followed which is easy on the patient but requires excellent surgical expertise. These factors reduce the cost of lower fixed teeth.

Full set of 14 teeth in the lower jaw can be replaced with fixed ceramic teeth either with a porcelain fused to metal or metal free zirconia in 3 days, that is permanent teeth in 3 days using immediate loading implants with a,minimally invasive flapless procedure.

Benefits :–

These replacements for the lost or damaged teeth, also known as false teeth or plates, used to be the only choice for patients until a few years ago. Despite serving their purpose to an extent, have been known to carry more cons than pros.

  • Full mouth dental implants, best innovation in the field of dentistry as they improve overall health.
  • Basal implant cases provide durability and come with a life time warranty.
  • Immediate loading implants eliminate the awkward drawbacks associated with removable dentures. ental complications.