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Full Mouth Dental Implants in India

LBR Dental and Implant Center is one of the Best Dental Clinic that provides reasonable, practical and cost-effective dental solutions for all the patients. It always strives to help patients achieve a healthy, bright, confident smile and help them to maintain that smile forever. It is a one-stop destination for an effective range of dental services in India.

LBR Dental and Implant Center is renowned for its world-class facility and highly trained and regarded dentists who take a holistic approach towards your dental needs. They do not just treat immediate dental issues but aim to provide the patients with lifelong oral health. They use cutting edge techniques and treatment modalities to achieve the best possible outcome for all the patients.

Schedule an Appointment with LBR Dental and Implant Center today to discuss whether Full mouth dental implants are a suitable treatment solution for you.

What is Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Full mouth dental implants is a treatment in which your dentist replaces all your teeth using an implant-supported bridge that spans the entire upper and the lower arches. They are a part of full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation.

Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • Fewer dental implants required
  • Replacing all the teeth at a single go.
  • Improved bone quality
  • Support of a permanent prosthetic appliance
  • Make use of the best bone available
  • The feeling of having stable and strong teeth
  • Remain permanently in place
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • No restrictions on foods intake
  • Easier to maintain( maintenance free) compared to conventional dentures

Who Can Have Full Mouth Dental Implants?

You can have Full Mouth Dental Implants if you:

  • Can maintain your dental hygiene
  • Have severely decayed teeth or gum disease
  • Have severely worn-out teeth from tooth grinding
  • currently wearing full dentures or facing complete tooth loss
  • In short, any person who is affected with badly damaged teeth or is vexed up with the conventional removable dentures is a suitable candidate for this procedure irrespective of the bone volume and density as basal implants as the name suggests, engage the basal bone which is highly mineralized and is present in all.

What happens at the Initial Consultation?

During your initial consultation for Full Mouth Dental Implants, our specialists at LBR, provide you with all the information about the procedure, and treatment costs so that you can make an informed decision about whether Full Mouth Dental Implant is right for you.

If you are planning to undergo Full Mouth Dental Implants treatment, your doctor will provide detailed treatment planning after a few diagnostic procedures like

  • OPG
  • 3D CT scan

Dentists at LBR Dental and Implants Center work with you to develop your personalized treatment plan. Book an Appointment

Full Mouth Dental Implants Treatment Procedure

On the day of the procedure, your doctor will extract the remaining teeth if any and place 8 to 10 single piece dental implants in the upper arch and 6 to 8 implants in the lower arch, under local anesthesia, depending on the requirement. The basal bone provides perfect anchorage to these implants and provides a solid foundation for the immediate loading of teeth, that is the reason why this procedure is called, Permanent teeth in 3 days and the implants, Immediate loading basal implants.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Procedure

Full mouth rehabilitation is a personalized treatment, full mouth reconstruction treatment focuses on optimizing your oral health such as teeth, the gums, and the bite. In many cases, it is must to restore every tooth in the mouth by combining several dental services.
LBR Dental and Implant Center has the trusted, reputed specialists in the area to aid in your full mouth rehabilitation. If you are the one willing to explore the possibility of a new set of fixed teeth, then Make an Appointment to meet the experienced specialists to discuss full mouth rehabilitation.

Cost of Full Mouth Implants

Multiple dental implants may be required to ensure proper stability to hold the complete set of teeth in each arch.
The cost of full mouth implants depends on several factors such

  • the number of implants placed
  • the type of prosthesis
  • the geographical location

Why Choose LBR for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

  • Use of latest technology
  • Qualified, Experienced and Licensed Dental Experts.
  • Competitive Price
  • World-leading dental team
  • Lifetime Warranty on Implant Fixtures
  • Specialized implants
  • Highest quality using the latest techniques
  • Digital X-Rays & Intraoral Camera
  • Friendly team, exceptional service
  • Complete dental hygiene services
  • Painless treatment in a stress-free environment
  • Comprehensive treatment planning

Full Mouth Dental Implants - FAQs

Dental implants have to be more diligent to prevent implant loss and should be cared as that of real teeth. The implant care includes brushing, flossing, rinsing, and regular dental check-ups.

Most people say that there is minimal discomfort involved in the procedure. However, your dental surgeon may use local anesthesia during the process, and most patients report that implants cause little pain compared to tooth extraction.

The success rate for Full Mouth Dental Implants is very high, and they last for many years. The success rate of full mouth dental implants is reported to be around 90% with the right care and maintenance. However, it is essential to be aware of certain factors that can affect the long-term success of this treatment.

The following are the alternative treatments to Full Mouth Dental Implants:

  • All on Four dental implants
  • All on six dental implants

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