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Removable conventional dentures are one of the cheapest ways to replace missing teeth. Conventional dentures are designed to take the support of your gums exerting pressure on the bone, leading to bone loss an aged look. Now there is a safer option called dental implants, it is an innovation in the field of dentistry, where the prosthesis attaches to dental implants in the mouth rather than resting on the gums, thereby

I lost all my teeth early and have been struggling with removable dentures for many years. I have done extensive research on the internet and looked at dentists of many countries for my full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Most of the dentists denied treating my dental problem because of poor bone quality. However, few dentists agreed for consulting and asked me to travel to their centre for a consultation

Having researched the internet for the best Dental Implant Surgeon and Prices I have decided to come here to the city of Hyderabad to Dr. K. A. Reddy at LBR DENTAL IMPLANT CENTER. For several years prior I was familiar with dental implants procedures and prices in MEXICO COSTARICH, ROMANIA, HUNGARY and some other places that offer dental implants. Out of all, I have concluded that 3-day dental implants at

Mrs. Suguna has faced many ordeals due to her impending dental problems, she consulted many specialists over a period of 2 years but always ended up with a temporary treatment solution. She finally approached Dr.K.A.Reddy of LBR Dental & Implant center on her friend's suggestion. After undergoing certain preliminary tests, she had been diagnosed with chronic suppurative periodontitis with few root stumps and missing teeth in the upper and the lower

A dental implant is a small titanium post placed at the missing tooth site. The implant gets cemented with a realistic crown that resembles a natural tooth. This advanced prosthetic option offers many advantages over conventional methods such as dentures and bridges. Full mouth implants have proven to be a fantastic solution for lost teeth that require replacement. If you have lost all of your teeth, a dentist might offer many

Are you suffering from tooth loss? Natural tooth loss occurs due to tooth decay or injury or with any other medical causes. It can be a traumatic experience for some. For years, bridges and dentures were the only solution for people who have lost teeth. But that has changed! Dental implants are considered the best alternative for dentures today. The results are excellent. If you have missing teeth, it can cause a negative

Most people worry that their teeth don’t look good when they smile, but how often do you think about the effects of teeth on oral health? If you lose teeth you cannot chew the food you like or, talk without extra effort. Have you been looking into tooth replacement solutions? If you lose one or more teeth,bridges or crowns on implants can  help you overcome the discomfort of missing teeth.If you are