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India has a geographical advantage because of its location at the core of South Asia and closeness to West Asia; Gulf Countries; Central and South Asian nations,hence it has become a sought after hub for medical tourism. In 2015, India was positioned as the third most famous destination for medical tourism, when the business was worth $3 billion. The number of visitors coming to India on clinical visas sat at

Replacing missing teeth with fixed teeth on Dental implants is the best step forward towards the wellbeing of one's teeth, surrounding structures and also overall health in general. A dental implant can give you a fresh start by giving you the most natural-looking teeth. This article gives you information about what you can do to recover quickly after dental implant placement. Understanding Dental Implants: Dental Implants are Titanium posts inserted in the jaw

Jaw pain may be sometimes a cause of concern, as it cripples the ability of a person to chew or talk,it can be unilateral or bilateral occurring usually in the early hours or during the day.However, there are many causes of jaw pain and it might occur even if there no pathology related to the jaw and it’s surrounding tissues, hence when trying to find remedy for a problem, it

If you are someone who has experienced tooth loss then you know how problematic it is. Missing teeth can affect your self-esteem and can even make one reluctant to talk and smile.In addition to psychological effect, missing teeth can also change the dental alignment, thereby affecting the overall oral health of patients, it might even lead to loss of adjacent teeth. Dental implant treatment is one of the most advanced

If you lose teeth or are struggling with severely damaged teeth, there are various options for dental restorative care. You might have heard about dental implants,which are the next best to real teeth. But are you an ideal candidate for dental implants? The team at LBR Dental Implants have implanted and restored fixed teeth for years and can help you make the right decision. This Blog provided by LBR Dental Implants

Mr. Parthasarathy, a 70-year-old patient had been suffering from partial tooth loss on his right upper arch, he lost all his grinding teeth on that side and was forced to eat from the other side, this unilateral chewing made things difficult for him as he had to face TMJ ( temporomandibular joint) problems which usually appear due to improper chewing habits.  After thorough research, he approached DR. K. A. Reddy of