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Teeth improve the quality of life.Healthy teeth make us more attractive and increase our confidence levels.A beautiful smile gives a lot of happiness, satisfaction and a desire to greet or connect with others. Missing teeth can cause both aesthetic and function related issues. If you've lost a tooth, because of trauma or inadequate dental hygiene, you must consult a dentist and look for a solution. Missing teeth not just dampen your

If you are facing uncertainty over the choice of tooth replacement between, Dental Bridge and Dental Implant , You should be informed about both the procedures before making the right choice. What is a Dental Bridge: Dental bridging means a bridge attaching the gap between one or more missing teeth to the healthy surrounding teeth. Usually, the bridge is made up of two or more crowns. The abutment teeth referred to as

Are you considering going to India for economical dental care, due to the non-affordability of dental care in your native country? Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular among Americans and Canadians. There are opportunities to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the treatment of dental implants, veneers, bridges and bleaching. Oral and dental health is part of health care, and any malfunction in this aspect requires adequate advice and

Over the years, people vexed up with dentures have looked for its alternatives, predominantly because they do not want to deal with common prosthetic problems such as difficulty in chewing or speaking. In the same manner, dentists too have been looking for substitutes for dentures for years as the dentures accelerate the bone loss and lead to facial collapse. And eventually, an alternative to dentures has been formulated! What is that?

Did your dentist recommend you dental implants? Do you worry about the stability of the implants ? Dental implants are like science fiction if you are not familiar with the technology. Your dentist installs a titanium post in the jaw bone and then cements a crown on the implant, which functions like your natural teeth. After decades of research and development, dental implants have been proven to be one of the best,

Dental implantation is one of the most advanced missing tooth replacement options, which has replaced the conventional dentures. They conveniently surpass dentures or extensions in terms of appearance and function.     Huge success rates made dental implants an ideal option. The failure of dental implants is rare and likely if you are a smoker. Smoking increases your risk of conventional dental implant failure at drastic levels because the failure rates are reported

Dental implants are titanium posts, placed in the jaw bone, help accommodate replacement teeth permanently to give a pleasing effect aesthetically and functionally. There are two types of Implants 1) Conventional Two-piece implant: As the name suggests consist of two components, the root and the tooth component which are connected using a screw. 2) The Basal implants, single piece implants: Here, the tooth and the root component are fused to present a unified

Tooth loss is an emotionally painful experience that demands for a quick replacement, and should be made a priority. Dental Implantation Dental Implantation is a procedure where a missing tooth root is replaced with a titanium post, which in turn will support a crown or a bridge that looks and functions like natural teeth. An excellent alternative to dental bridges where in the adjacent teeth are reduced circumferentially to support a crown

Are you suffering from tooth sensitivity,have you lost your tooth/teeth,whatever might be the problem, one does not have to suffer silently, technology has improved by leaps and bounds, there is a safe and a time tested remedy for each and every problem.A person suffering from teeth loss can get back fixed permanent teeth in 3 days with a lifetime warranty. The article is provided by LBR dental Implants, which deals with

Are you looking to Replace missing teeth? Want to Restore your smile? Want to Restore the ability to chew and speak properly? If Yes… Then, this article is for you! “Dental implants are Inexpensive, and a Wise Investment for Our Oral Healthcare” - Dr K.A Reddy, LBR dental implant center. Most of us have a hindsight attitude towards dental related issues. Delay in care for dental issues may result in many oral and other health