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July 2020

Fitness and health begin with clean habits, and the mouth is a great starter at that. In many countries and cultures, dental health is the torchbearer of health rituals, and there is no argument about that. If we remember correctly, dental cleanliness was our first introduction to hygiene. Even today many of us begin our day with dental care. Let’s understand what is wrong and right about the dental care

A smile speaks volumes about what one is experiencing at that very moment. It brightens the face and lights up the eyes of the person experiencing joy or living up a happy memory. Smiling is contagious, and by virtue, it is an attitude all love to carry. In dental practice, smile designing has reached new heights and many people have only benefited from this line of treatment. What stops people from

Frustrating stains taking a toll on your pearly whites? If yes, then you are not alone. Almost each one of us desire for whiter and brighter teeth. But even with brushing and flossing consistently, with time, many people note a change in the shade of their teeth. Today, a great deal of options are accessible for people to brighten their teeth. In any case, without understanding the pros and cons

The mouth is an indicator of a person's overall health. Many diseases like diabetes and HIV are first recognized in the oral cavity. Truth be told, a dominant part of fundamental maladies have oral indications like mouth ulcers, dry mouth, and gum-related issues. Our teeth and gums are significantly more critical to our well being than we realize. Just imagine our state when we won’t have any teeth. How will we