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March 2020

If you lose teeth or are struggling with severely damaged teeth, there are various options for dental restorative care. You might have heard about dental implants,which are the next best to real teeth. But are you an ideal candidate for dental implants? The team at LBR Dental Implants have implanted and restored fixed teeth for years and can help you make the right decision. This Blog provided by LBR Dental Implants

The most frequently asked question we hear from patients is: "How do we know when an implant fails?" The following are the few symptoms that can be observed : Difficulty in chewing. Movement in the replaced crown or bridge, on Implants. Redness or inflammation in the concerned area. Pain may or may not be there but discomfort due to the above mentioned reasons. If you suspect implant failure, we always recommend you

Having no teeth is no fun. It's uncomfortable and can be frustrating. Waiting for your new set of teeth for months together is just annoying. These reasons cause one to think of Immediate loading of dental implants. Dental implants are an increasingly popular treatment for replacing missing teeth. They consist of titanium inserts, which are inserted into the jawbone and are used to support replacement teeth. Traditionally, the implant can