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August 2019

Did your dentist recommend you dental implants? Do you worry about the stability of the implants ? Dental implants are like science fiction if you are not familiar with the technology. Your dentist installs a titanium post in the jaw bone and then cements a crown on the implant, which functions like your natural teeth. After decades of research and development, dental implants have been proven to be one of the best,

Dental implantation is one of the most advanced missing tooth replacement options, which has replaced the conventional dentures. They conveniently surpass dentures or extensions in terms of appearance and function.     Huge success rates made dental implants an ideal option. The failure of dental implants is rare and likely if you are a smoker. Smoking increases your risk of conventional dental implant failure at drastic levels because the failure rates are reported

Dental implants are titanium posts, placed in the jaw bone, help accommodate replacement teeth permanently to give a pleasing effect aesthetically and functionally. There are two types of Implants 1) Conventional Two-piece implant: As the name suggests consist of two components, the root and the tooth component which are connected using a screw. 2) The Basal implants, single piece implants: Here, the tooth and the root component are fused to present a unified

Tooth loss is an emotionally painful experience that demands for a quick replacement, and should be made a priority. Dental Implantation Dental Implantation is a procedure where a missing tooth root is replaced with a titanium post, which in turn will support a crown or a bridge that looks and functions like natural teeth. An excellent alternative to dental bridges where in the adjacent teeth are reduced circumferentially to support a crown