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June 2019

First of all need to know that implants at the beginning were developed for older patients that could not work as a removable prosthesis, and later on they become the choice for younger patients, so now we know that implants have improved over the years, and we can see no problems with age, especially in healthy nonsmokers. There is no limitation for age in dental implants procedure whenever if you have

Here is the LBR dental implants article on Frequently asked questions. Our Dental surgeon Dr AK Reddy and Sharada Reddy are clarifying the queries related to Dental Implant Surgery. Read the article to clarify your FAQs related to How dental implant procedure is done, time is taken for the surgery, recovery time, pre and post-operative problems and care, benefits with dental implants, and precautions, etc. Dental Implants: A dental implant is

After a successful Dental Implant Surgery, the treating dental surgeon advises a list of instructions on how to care for yourself for the next few days, when and how to take your medications, and proper maintenance of the implants. But what about the food that needs to be taken after implant surgery? Find in this article discussed “diet after dental implant surgery”. And when you can go back on your

If you are deciding to have a dental implant then the fore most important step is choosing an expert to perform dental implant procedure. The knowledge and the experience of the performing dentist will determine the success of a treatment. Learn here how to choose the right dental implant specialist for your needs. This LBR dental implant blog article helps you how to make long-term investment in your oral health care and

It is common for most of us to have experienced biting tongue or inner cheeks while chewing food. Ever wondered why? Well, this could be related to bite problems caused by misalignment of teeth. Continue reading LBR Dental implants blog about what are the bite problems and how dental implants will take care. Teeth are like grinding stones which help us in tearing, biting, chewing, and pulverize food, making it easy