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April 2019

Edentulism is an impairing,irreversible condition which leads to morbidity. A good set of dentition is of primary importance for a persons well being, to lead a standard life, which makes it imperative to replace missing teeth.For the replacement of missing teeth,there are 2 popular options, the conventional dentures and the other being fixed replacement of teeth on implants. Although dentures do not require any surgical intervention and are an affordable quick

Teeth are the hardest substances in the human body required for various purpose like chewing and speaking. They also give a proper shape to our face and are present in the oral cavity which is called the gateway of health. Inspite of great strides in the prevention of decay in children, one in four children are showing signs of tooth decay even before they attain the age of 6 and one

Dental implants is a revolution in the field of dentistry and is an ultimate solution to the people who are agonised with missing teeth, failing teeth or trouble some removable dentures. This treatment is quite accessible in some parts of the world due to its geographical locale and low cost of living, when equaled to other sections of the globe like the U.K and the U.S. Hyderabad, a historic city, capital

Teeth have an extensive effect on your confidence and the capability to involve in the affairs you take pleasure in. The dentist you choose should be able to provide a conservative treatment plan and should be an expert with basic abilities and have an exposure to evaluate the situation. LBR Dental and implant center not only streamlines the process and cut shorts the procedure time but also makes dental treatment affordable. We

Dental implants metamorphose people possessing no teeth or a set of declining teeth to a rigid set of replacement teeth on implants. Edentulism will have a considerable effect on quality of life and leads to severe problems like: Bone loss Ineffective chewing Elderly appearance Speech impairment Temporo mandibular joint problems Dental implants have given a large number of edentulous people a second life by helping them to enjoy the food they like, smile with confidence and lead

Dental implants, an exemplar of a tooth root, is fabricated out of Titanium alloy which is bio compatible and fuses with the jaw bone furnishing a tough fundamental for the prosthesis that is made to resemble the native teeth. Any body who has lost one or more of their teeth due to trauma, decomposition or a genetic disorder may be a nominee for dental implants. These are the perfect solution for

Evolution of Root Canal Treatment Root Canal treatment is one of the most important procedures of dentistry and a significant percentage of people across the globe undergo this treatment on a daily basis. It was once considered to be a painful procedure for the patients and a complicated one for the dentists and it required a large time for the healing to take place after. But the subsequent development and evolution

Missing teeth will affect your general health and self esteem.If you have lost one or more teeth,you might be aware of the fact that they affect your looks and the overall dental health. The teeth are designed in such a way that they work together in order to help you in chewing ,smiling and talking.The loss of even a single tooth might disturb this balance and change your looks and chewing

Most of you might have already wondered many times what exactly is in a Tooth Paste that helps us fight off the bacteria and prevent us from having any kind of dental disease. The contents of the tooth paste are actually categorized into two types. They are Active Ingredients Inactive Ingredients Active Ingredients are the crucial elements of the toothpaste as they are the soldiers that fight off the harmful bacteria and the

We all want our kids to lead a happy and healthy life. One of the most important aspects of health we must take care of in order to help our kids achieve that life full of smiles is ideal dental care. Because oral health plays a major role in maintaining other vital functioning of the body. Negligence in dental care or hygiene can lead to future health complications that can